Centennial Baptist Association.

The CBA is a local voluntary gathering of Southern Baptist Churches including several counties around Thomaston, Ga. These are sister churches, and we work together with them. www.centennialbaptistassociation.com.

Georgia Baptist Mission Board.

The GBMB is a voluntary gathering of Southern Baptist Churches in Georgia. Trinity helps to support ministry and missions all over Georgia in combination with the many other churches scattered across our state. www.gabaptist.org.

The Southern Baptist Convention.

The SBC is a voluntary gathering of like minded churches in the USA, organized to help our churches in cooperation to do work than no single church could do. We support 6 seminaries, and many other important ministries throughout the USA.  www.sbc.net. The SBC includes the…

IMB International Mission Board. We support several thousand missionaries around the world, especially in places where the gospel is not being spoken. www.imb.org.

NAMB North American Mission Board. We also work in missions work and church support throughout the USA and Canada. www.namb.net