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 Why Read God’s Word?: 05-16-21 

Can’t believers just believe that Jesus saves from sin? Do we really need to spend time reading the Bible every day? Why?

  God Births the Church: 05-09-21  

When God birthed the Church during the days after Jesus ascended, it was like bringing a new child into the world.

A Servant of Jesus: 05-02-21

Not everyone who says they follow Jesus, really is. In John 12, Jesus lays out exactly what his servants do.

The Entrance of Your King: 04-25-21

If you let God’s Son, Jesus, become lord of your life, what kind of king should you expect him to be?

Anointing Jesus: 04-11-21

We give gifts to friends and family, but when do we show love to Jesus, the savior of our souls? What happens when we give gifts of love to him? Join us as we see how to shower our Lord with love.

Hope and Grace: 04-04-21

EASTER 2021- the resurrection of Jesus from the dead speaks to two great needs in our life. It gives us hope for life after death, and it offers us grace in God’s sight, when we know we are not worthy of his forgiveness.

Run With Endurance: 03-21-21

It’s easy to say that we are Christians. It’s easy to say that we are going to stick with following Jesus… until we run out of steam…until we get tired, or it hurts. How can a believer be persistent in walking with God? How can we run with endurance?

 Sharing With the Church: 03-14-21

There are reasons why Jesus had his 12 disciples report back to him, after he sent them out to minister, and they are the same reasons why he calls us to come back into the church, after we have been out in the community all week working for him.

Inviting People to Christ: 03-07-21

Fishing for men. That’s what Jesus did, and that is what he is still teaching his disciples to do. How does Jesus train his disciples to do this? Philip, one of Jesus twelve trainees, shows us how.

 Believing in the Son of Life: 02-21-21

Selfishness, frustration, failure. No matter how hard we try to become better people, we always fail. We need a better, stronger source of life at work in us. We need God’s life powering our choices and actions. That is why Jesus came, to bring the kind of life that rose from the dead to work in us.

 Real Love: 02-14-21

True Love… How can you tell the difference between a fake and the real thing? Here are four things that true love always does.