Our most recent sermons

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7-11-21: Evangelizing the Nations- How can believers be God’s gospel presence in this world? What does it take to evangelize the community around us?

7-4-21:  Christianity  and July the 4th Where does Christian citizenship belong, and what responsibility do we have to the government of the United States?

6-27-21: The SBC Pastoral Report-  There are national and social problems that the Southern Baptist Convention addressed in June 2021. Trinity needs to be aware of what God is doing throughout our nation, and how we can respond with grace and truth.

6-20-21: The Best Father-  We know who is the best dad of all… God. So, what makes him such a better father? Here are three of his great characteristics. If we will put on these traits, then we will be better dads also.

6-13-21: Why Jesus Made the Church- There are reasons why Jesus wants his followers (his body) to gather together. What is supposed to happen when we become part of the body of Christ?

5-30-21: Part B, How Can I know God?- The second half of the series begun on 5-23-21. How to hear from God and know him in a real, and personal way.

5-23-21: Part A, How Can I Know God? How can you know when God is speaking to you? How can you know what he wants to do through your life? In this two part sermon, we look at the life of the Apostle Paul and learn how we can finally, really know God ourselves.