Letting the Spirit lead.

On Wednesday nights, beginning on September 15 Bill Wilson will be teaching a three week study on the works and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Each of us changes as we grow in the Lord. It is good to periodically examine our lives and callings, and to give attention to the fresh, new ways the Spirit is working through us. We will provide everyone with a spiritual gift inventory, to help you become aware of how God’s Spirit is gifting you and how he wants to begin using you in his kingdom. What a good and faithful God we serve!

Being part of the body.

Join us for communion on Sunday morning, August 8. There is a reason Jesus instituted this fellowship ministry. It keeps us connected to grace and love of God for us, and reminds us to die to ourselves and live for him in this world. Will you let Jesus use this moment of worship to reconnect you to himself?

Deeper in the Bible.

Our next Supper@6 study is coming up on Sunday, September 19. Bring your supper, whether a sandwich, takeout, or candlelight dinner and join us for a thought-provoking study on apologetics with Joseph Hall. Supper@6 will make you think deeper about how God’s work and his Word can be realistically defended in our present culture. Don’t feel like you have no answer to the world’s accusations about your faith. Discover the strong foundation God has provided. Gain confidence in your Christian walk by coming to this hour long evening event.