Upcoming Messages

March 14: It’s time to celebrate the good things that God does.

March 21: How can you become more consistent in following Jesus?

March 28: What was going through Jesus’ mind while being crucified?

April 4: EASTER… It’s for people who don’t have any hope, nor expect any mercy.

Bible Study

Exodus speaks to us, today?

Yes, it does! If we slow down and pay attention to all the rules and ordinances that God wrote in Exodus, we find valuable gems of truth, that help build our daily Christian lives. We are going through this wonderful book on Wednesday nights, and God is speaking from the page into our lives. Join us at 6:30pm. There are classes for your children and grandchildren, and there is room for you.


Do you want God to use you as a teacher in his Church? Do you want him to train you for the teaching ministry he desires to do through you? Are you willing to work on improving the gift of teaching he has given you?

The Preaching/Teaching Lab offered by the Centennial Association is designed to help teachers work on their skills, becoming better fit to help people learn from God’s Word. The courses are free, and the first lab is on March 20, 2021, 8:30 – 11:30 AM “What is Preaching and Teaching?”

Call the church office for help in registerinfor this Associational opportunity.