oklahoma 2017


Each year in the Summer, a caravan of vehicles travels to a small, rural area in Oklahoma called Butcher Penn. The mission team helps the Butcher Penn church with Vacation Bible School, door to door evangelism, an some small home improvement jobs. As with all mission trips, our church is never sure who is built up more… the mission field or our church.

alaska 2017


Trinity’s Alaskan mission trips are through Grace Works, a strong evangelical missions ministry led by a former Trinity pastor. The work is hard, but the scenery is beautiful, and the opportunity to minister among un-reached neighborhoods and people groups is what keeps bringing back Christians to serve in this state. Our Alaskan mission trip occurs during the summer each year.


Our church has a relationship with an ongoing mission work in Guaimaca, a small town in central Honduras. The work there is always fulfilling, ministering with the eager children and the poor families. Our mission work in Guaimaca is through Baptist Medical and Dental International (BMDMI). This trip is usually scheduled during the fall season.

copper 2017


It is important to our church to reach out in ministry with other churches, because we know that ministry is bigger than one church can accomplish, and the Heavenly Father wants his people to be united. Trinity joins each year in the Copper Basin mission trip, planned by the Centennial Baptist Association. It ministers to one of the poorest areas of the country, the Appalachian area of Georgia and Tennessee. We teach a Vacation Bible School, help with a community assistance ministry, do small construction projects in the community, and other ministries.


park 2017


Besides various mission trips around the state and world, Trinity is finding a renewed sense of call to our own community. Kids in the Park is just one event through which we try to engage our own neighborhood and share the gospel.

invite day


Invite Days are special Sundays when our church tries to encourage people to investigate church life, and hear a gospel message that makes it plain why we all need God, and need to follow God. Trinity wants to be purposeful and faithful to god in leading people to Christ.