Trinity has ministries that occur each week, such as age appropriate Sunday School classes for you and your children and worship services Sunday morning and night. We also have ministries on Wednesday evenings with children’s choir and play practice and classes such as RAs, GAs, and Missions Friends. The youth also meet together on Wednesdays, while the adult ministry is presently changing from a Bible study to a more hands on opportunity of serving and ministry in our community.

 Besides the usual ministries, you can open our calendar and newsletter pages below.

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church picnic

On the last Sunday in May, the 28th, we will be hosting our annual Worship in the Neighborhood picnic. We invite you to meet with the church that Sunday morning at a different place, the Kennesaw/Olympia neighborhood. There, under the shade of a huge oak tree, we will worship the Lord, followed by family friendly events such as swimming, games and a grilled lunch. Call our church office for details.


At Trinity, May 31-June 2, 6-9 pm

Every year, Trinity holds VBS for our community. This year we are teaching the Maker Fun Factory. We have classes from Kindergarten through sixth grade. It will be a wonderful three night event, sure to keep your children engaged. We hope your family can come and participate with our church family. It will be a great time!


June 9-18

Our first mission team of the year will be leaving soon to minister with the Butcher Penn mission church in Butcher Penn, Oklahoma. We will be working to upgrade their church pews and storage, organizing their nursery area, hosting a Vacation Bible School, doing some neighborhood outreach, and encouraging the church